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Amateur Radio Operator License Testing / Renewal

A  license issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is required to operate an amateur radio transmitter. Tests are administered by qualified volunteer examiners (VEs) according to FCC approved procedures.

RARA conducts amateur radio license testing on the 3rd Saturday of each month from September through April and at our Hamfest. These tests cover all amateur radio elements as required for the Technician, General, and Extra class licenses.

Testing is conducted at: Rochester Institute of Technology
James E. Gleason Hall, Room 9-3139 (GLE on this map)
Registration is at 10:00 AM

Bring a pen and pencil, 4 function calculator, and two forms of ID including one with a picture. If you are upgrading: Bring your original, and a copy, of your current amateur radio license; or unexpired Certificates of Completion. Application forms will be available.

Testing is free! 

RARA provides free testing sessions as a public service.  Handicapped applicants are always welcome, please notify us in advance if you need any special accommodations.

For more information: Call our hotline or contact our License Testing Coordinator directly.


Practice Exams

There are many web sites that offer free online amateur radio license testing for practice purposes. 
Here are four of them:

AA9PW FCC Amateur Radio Practice PageW8MHB Online Practice Exams
QRZ's Practice Amateur Radio Ham Exams


FCC License Renewal

There are 4 methods to renew your license:

  1. Visit the RARA VE team at any testing session (except at the Hamfest).

  2. The FCC renewal web site

  3. US mail using form 605 available here:

  4. An alternate VE team such as W5YI.

There is no fee if you do it yourself (options 1,2 & 3), unless you have a vanity call. You must renew within the last 90 days of your license term, after which you have a 2 year grace period to reinstate your license.

The Rochester Amateur Radio Association, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Educational Corporation
Updated: December 26, 2016